Based on the proposed model, this is the envisioned timeline and further action plan:

That where we are now:

Research: Concluding the research-phase for a new-agency by December 2020 and making the results publicly available

This is what needs to happen:

1. Start-up: A small team sets-up the digital platform and develops strategies to launch (PR branding, copyrighting, software engineering, database development). Think this as a minimum viable product. For this phase substantial funding is necessary.

2. Launch of the digital platform: In this phase the agency exists mainly as a digital platform. Makers can use it to promote their work. Membership fees are low. The digital platform is technically maintained and features are added. The platform is actively advertised to gain recognition. Time is invested to grow the network and partner venues.

3. Launch of the agency: As the number of members grow, more features are added to the digital platform (e.g. access for guest curators). The agency is actively managed with the goal to raise the amount of sells. Membership fees raise accordingly.

4. Launch of additional services: The agency adds services to the community (workshops) and supports makers to professionalize. Live events and exchange possibilities are organized (talks, meet&greet, workshops).

5. The agency grows… features are scaled up, depending on current needs and wishes