This is a mock-up and test log-in for the try-out run with our first research venue-partner Pleintheater. If you are a maker  interested to participate, you can log-in to upload, add, change and maintain your listing of works.

Q: How do I register?

A: Go to log-in/register and provide your credentials. click “I am a maker”. An email will be sent to you with the log in information.

Q: When is the work I uploaded visible on the POW.Amsterdam website?

A: When you upload material, you can chose whether you want to make the work public or save it as a draft. You even can revoke work that you already have published to draft status. It is entirely up to you to add, change and maintain your works. Once you have made a work public, it changes its status to “pending”. That means we (Marion and Michael) site administrators will have to grand it access. Which we will do for sure.

Q: Can I upload more then one work?

A: Yes, it is possible to add as many works as you like, as long as they are ready to be performed.

Q: What information can I or should I provide about my work?

A: Upload all information that you want to share publicly. Don’t upload technical information (e.g. technical riders).

  • Chose a provided category that describes your work best
  • Chose a provided timeframe that fits the duration of your performance
  • Add a short description (one sentence). That short description will appear on the overview page
  • Add images . The maximum file size for upload is 2 MB. You cannot upload a video. If you want to make video accessible, please add a link (you-tube, vimeo, etc) in the long description section.
  • Add a long description of your work. Think about the following: Title,  full credits, bio,  piece description long, key words, producers/co-producers, financial support received, production date when it was made, link to teaser, link to trailer… This information will only be visible on the single work page.

Q: What information can I or should I provide about me?

  • Your name obviously and a way to contact you (email and/or phone). Keep in mind that this information is publicly available
  • You can chose to also add a photo of you of an image that represents you.