Vincent Verburg – Curator Dance, Pleintheatre Amsterdam

For the past several years I have been curating dance at the Pleintheater in Amsterdam Oost. My aim as a curator is to create a new vision for how we can develop new ideas towards programming and embrace the diversity in dance in general in Amsterdam. In my search I started to create bridges between existing platforms ranging from Dansmakers Amsterdam – ICK – Solid Ground Movement – OT301 – Young talents from the AHK and other Independant Makers.  What moves me as a curator is to create a platform which deals with a horizontal approach. Having a focus on giving time and space to unseen and unheard voices in dance and bringing this together with more established creators. Developing Double Bill evenings in which the audience can experience completely different works with no regard to esthetics. As a curator, giving space and time to dance makers to develop their ideas means showing the raw work – work in progress or far developed research and finalised works. Allowing the risk to fail, embracing the unknown. Standing behind the artists work in order for new developments to be shown. In essence giving back the theatre space to the Artists and make sure it meets an audience. Confronting the audience with the richness and diversity in dance in which they can form their own opinions about the work being shown. 

Vincent Verburg 

Artistic Director Movementalist

Curator Pleintheater Amsterdam

Guest Teacher Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam