Agency Research Team Heads :
Marion Tränkle and Michael Jahoda

Coaches :
Marie-Anne Rudolphi, artistic leader & producer of Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi has 30+ years of experience producing and selling small and mid-sized dance and theater performances to a wide range of venues across NL. She has been cultivating and coaching young artists for many years, supporting them in their development from independent to structurally supported maker. She is a successful producer, agent and business woman, with a vast contact base with venues in NL and beyond.

Vincent van Kekerix, Managing Dir of Combined Creatives, an exciting new agency for the performing arts field. Vincent is formally trained in the fields of classical music and the performing arts, and has eight years of experience working in the creative industries. He is well skilled at supporting creative minds in various disciplines with a focus on business management, production, and artist bookings. He understands the value of  independent makers in the performing arts scene, and possesses an open and ambitious attitude

Focus Group:
A small but consistent group of programmers, sellers, makers and curators came together to discuss and survey the process.
• Maritska Witte
• Ivo Bol
• Cecilia Moisio
• Vera Goetzee
• Vincent Verburg
• Orion Maxted
• Rachel Somers Miles

Other input and feedback groups:
• Survey respondents
• Open BAU Meeting attendees
• Broader Agency Research Team
• BAU Core Team

Thanks to: Michael Scerbo, Janine Dijmeijer, Rick Spaan, Jussi Nousiainen, Gaby Wijers, Susanne Marx, LeineRoebana, Veemvloer, Veem House for Performance

The Research has been conducted under the umbrella  of BAU Dance and Performance Platform Amsterdam.  

This project is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).