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Open BAU Meeting @ Veemvloer

The Open BAU MeetingAgency Matters – Sharing and examining the results of the Makers Survey #1.

This was the first Open BAU Meeting focused exclusively on the new agency research. And our introductory meeting with our Focus Group. Our goal was to engage the community in the research process, and mirror the results of the survey back to them. As a brief introduction, Vincent van Kekerix, one of our research coaches, gave a brief presentation of the format of his agency. This was followed by a general overview of the Makers Survey #1. The final results of the survey were then shared step by step with the participants, most of whom had taken the survey themselves. Results of this survey can be found here.

At the end of the meeting the participants were broken into small groups, tasked with finding key words that they believed defined the so-called “independent dance and performance” scene in Amsterdam. Their broad range of descriptions illuminated the challenge of defining and marketing such a broad group of artists. A list of their descriptions can be found hereadd link