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Open BAU Meeting @ Belcampo

New-Agency Research Project introduction and mini-live-survey.

During the Open BAU Meeting focused on Programming and Curating within the Performing Arts Scene, Jahoda and Tränkle gave an initial introduction of the aims and ambitions of their research project. They then presented a mini-live-survey of potential survey questions. The makers were asked to physically engage in the survey process by answering the questions by standing (or not). Asking the makers to literally “stand for what they believe in” may seem trite, but it was a moment for everyone to physically participate in the process, make theirs answers public and take agency. This was the first moment to actively invite the makers into the research process.

The meeting continued with a lively debate on definitions, trends and developments in current programming and curating practices in the performing arts. Guest speakers included Anita van Doelen (ITA, Julidans), Ravian van den Hil (Holland Festival), Felizitas Stilleke (freelance curator).

This is a very relevant topic with an eye to how the new agency might incorporate curation into the new model and how it might engage with programmers and curators with a varying approaches to programming and curating.