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16 December 2020 – Open BAU Meeting / BAU Agency Research Project

Launch: BAU Agency Research Project website and Agency Test-Platform.

This Open BAU Meeting dedicated to the BAU Agency Research Project follows up on the Open BAU Meeting held on 1 December 2019 – Agency Matters. During that meeting we presented and discussed the progress of the research project, shared the varied findings of the Makers Survey #1, and ventured into the murky waters of defining the so-called “independent makers” and the“independent scene”.

Since that last meeting a lot of progress has been made – despite the fact that Covid 19 forced more than a few delays as well as a few re-thinks. We are nonetheless running full steam ahead towards our 31 December 2020 deadline to reach our noble goals of establishing a solid framework for a new agency model and platform that can better serve, represent and sell the work of you and other independent makers in Amsterdam. In these closing days we very much need your participation and input as we put our bold ideas to the test (or rather to the fire), but there is nothing to prepare – you just need your computer. And since it is almost holiday borrel season, maybe something sweet to eat  or strong to drink.

We launch the new BAU Agency Research Project website POW.Amsterdam which contains our research archive and the Agency-Test Platform. In this crucial test phase of the research we invite all of you makers to contribute to the process, comment on it and see how it could develop further. We will guide you through our archive and then run through a test-run of the mock-up Agency-Test Platform.

Please keep in mind – this a research project that aims to make its results publicly available. It is not intended to be a finalised product but a viable model and resource base for the greater scene to benefit from.

We very much look forward to seeing and meeting with you.

Michael Jahoda and Marion Tränkle, and the BAU Team

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Survey#2 for programmers is out

We are currently inviting venues, presenters, programmers and curators to participate in a special programmers survey.

It is vital for us to hear and include all the voices of our ecosystem in this research and hope you will participate.

More information and the link to the digital survey can be found here.

Information from Survey #1, which has been conducted in 2019 for and with makers from the independent performance scene Amsterdam can be found here.

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So many sectors have been transformed in the last decade by new business models and technical innovations. For the performing arts sector, and specifically in how supply and demand find each other within it, change is overdue.

To keep the independent maker scene fresh and vibrant, it is crucial that independent makers are visible and findable, enabling venues to enrich their programming with their art and creativity, and thus offering these performances to the audience. The BAU Agency Research Project maps the needs of the sector on both ends, and provides a blueprint on how to introduce such a new model for the sector.

It was a pleasure teaming up with the research team as a coach – I hope a new, improved way of working will find its way to the scene soon. With this research, at least now there is a great starting point.

Vincent van Kekerix / coach Bau agency research project

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The research project investigates an interesting and innovative idea to set up an interactive agency for the independent dance and performers scene, a sector that is largely under the radar. It maps out, without pre-selection, which productions and which makers are currently active. And it gives venues, programmers and other customers the opportunity to get a good overview of a wealth of data that is always kept up to date.

It brings artist and sellers together in a transparent way. For me as a supervisor and producer and impresario of the “old” regime an interesting journey to support this search for new interactive models.

Marie-Anne Rudolphi / coach Bau agency research project

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Focus Group Meeting#1

Topics: Makers Survey review, Network and means of Networking.

The first Focus Group Meeting took place on 4 December 2019, shortly after the Open BAU Meeting at Veemvloer when the results of Survey #1 were shared. All Focus Group members were present. The meeting began with a brief discussion about the survey and some of the surprising results.

This was followed by a series of introductory questions for the Focus Group members regarding their function in the network (Amsterdam independent scene), what forms of media they utilise to engage with the field, and how they make contact with other makers, new work, programmers, etc.

A more in-depth discussion followed about their personal professional experience with their network, the further development of their network and their networking mechanisms. And how a new agency could possibily facilitate new networking and exchange capacities and processes.

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Open BAU Meeting @ Veemvloer

The Open BAU MeetingAgency Matters – Sharing and examining the results of the Makers Survey #1.

This was the first Open BAU Meeting focused exclusively on the new agency research. And our introductory meeting with our Focus Group. Our goal was to engage the community in the research process, and mirror the results of the survey back to them. As a brief introduction, Vincent van Kekerix, one of our research coaches, gave a brief presentation of the format of his agency. This was followed by a general overview of the Makers Survey #1. The final results of the survey were then shared step by step with the participants, most of whom had taken the survey themselves. Results of this survey can be found here.

At the end of the meeting the participants were broken into small groups, tasked with finding key words that they believed defined the so-called “independent dance and performance” scene in Amsterdam. Their broad range of descriptions illuminated the challenge of defining and marketing such a broad group of artists. A list of their descriptions can be found hereadd link

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Open BAU Meeting @ Belcampo

New-Agency Research Project introduction and mini-live-survey.

During the Open BAU Meeting focused on Programming and Curating within the Performing Arts Scene, Jahoda and Tränkle gave an initial introduction of the aims and ambitions of their research project. They then presented a mini-live-survey of potential survey questions. The makers were asked to physically engage in the survey process by answering the questions by standing (or not). Asking the makers to literally “stand for what they believe in” may seem trite, but it was a moment for everyone to physically participate in the process, make theirs answers public and take agency. This was the first moment to actively invite the makers into the research process.

The meeting continued with a lively debate on definitions, trends and developments in current programming and curating practices in the performing arts. Guest speakers included Anita van Doelen (ITA, Julidans), Ravian van den Hil (Holland Festival), Felizitas Stilleke (freelance curator).

This is a very relevant topic with an eye to how the new agency might incorporate curation into the new model and how it might engage with programmers and curators with a varying approaches to programming and curating.