We applied a participatory research method, aiming to include voices from all stakeholders in our eco-system. To bounce ideas  and to slowly build new bonds between makers, producers, programmers, marketeers, etc.

The research was conducted by listening to three expertise layers: external advisers, focus group and makers from the field. In order to understand better the actual working situation of makers and programmers alike, two surveys had been conducted.

In detail:

  • By means of coaching sessions with our the external advisers Marie-Anne Rudolphi (Rudolphi Producties) and Vincent van Kekerix (Combined Creatives). Topics: objectives & ambitions of the research project / in-depth discussion of past and present agency models/ identifying stakeholders in the ecosystem, what are their needs and desires, what are their limitations, and how do they currently interact (or not) with one another? /  business models and crunching finances / feedback on the in-depth survey to gain input, insight, and statistically relevant information from the independent makers themselves.
  • By means of regular meetings with the focus group. Topics: Introduction to the research / discussing currently existing models of agencies / key values of  a new agency / feedback on surveys /tinkering with and testing of models for a new agency
  • By means of two network meetings of the field (the third will be conducted in december 2020)
    • During an Open BAU Meeting in July 2019, the research was introduced to the field and a mini-survey was conducted with potential research questions. With this meeting we also wanted to keep the field involved in the further process.
    • During an Open BAU Meeting in November 2019, the focus was on the results of the survey and a discussion about an agency format for our dance and performance scene.
  • Through conducting two online surveys:
    •  survey for makers to collect statistical information about the makers and data about their current working, making and selling conditions and goals for their future and the field. What type of work they would like to sell through the agency.
    •  survey for programmers and salespeople to collect information about their daily  makers and data about their current working that will also include business plan models.
  • Through interviews with existing agencies and specialists regarding  their models, expertise and own research. Interviews were conducted with: Gaby Wijers from Lima, Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi, Hans Schamlé as a result of his former DanceUnit bureau, and Michael Scerbo, a maker who researches ecosystems within the arts field.
  • Through a research residency in Germany for the development of the survey.