Welcome to the BAU Agency Research Test-Platform

This test-platform is a mock-up for the test-run of a digital platform which forms an integral part of our agency model. This test-platform is rooted in our initial research premises and goals, and incorporates the valuable input we have received from our research team throughout this research project.

The test-run is being held on 16 December 2020 at an Open BAU Meeting that we are hosting and dedicating to the BAU Agency Research Project.

We invite independent makers to be an active part of the research by creating a profile and uploading their work(s) to the mock-up platform for viewing and potential selection by a guest curator and a partner venue who will create a special event in late spring 2021 dedicated solely to Amsterdam Independent Dance and Performance Makers. Works for that event will be selected from the mock-up test-platform.

With this OBM and the testing evening, and the testing of the PT evening our research comes to an end.

If we conclude that the model that we have developed with the input of our research term and and the makers to participate in this test-platform, is worth the shot, then we conclude that we need to collectively speak and take further action to bring such a new agency into being. 

Please refer to our proposed timeline and action plan for the propose set up of a new agency.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

Marion Tränkle and Michael Jahoda