Our research project has officially ended. But what might the future hold for the independent performance sector? We optimistically envision the following:

Local: A representative agency for the Amsterdam independent dance and performance makers and scene. Tapping into the existing networks and knowledge flourishing in our own backyard as a starting point. Maybe one for Rotterdam too. And in other cities as well.

Identity: The emergence of a marketable brand or branding that encompasses and celebrates the independent scene in all of its diversity.

Digital: As the daily use of digital tools for work and pleasure have exploded during Covid-19, the agency has stayed attuned to digital developments, and hosts a digital platform that promotes the diverse work of the independent dance and performance makers in Amsterdam.

Actual: The agency gives colleagues, programmers, venues and interested audience members the chance to tune into the actuality and wealth of the work of independent makers right here, right now, at their fingertips.

Increased selling: 12 partner venues collaborate and each reserve one day/evening per year for the market works of the Amsterdam Independent makers, thus co-hosting a monthly series of events dedicated to the AiM. Consistency is the key to growth.

Financial viability: Makers are members and use the platform because it is a easily accessible and financially reasonable way to promote their work. For programmers it is a one stop-shopping opportunity, which gives them access to a large amount of works with in less time. (time-money)