The Covid-19 outbreak hit our research timeline at its midpoint which forced us to take a big step back and re-evaluate our research premises and the viability of our ideals. This pandemic has radically changed the performing arts landscape worldwide and will likely do so in the future in. The development of a new agency will have to react to these current circumstances.

Here below are a few arguments and considerations on how the plan for a new agency relates to the current circumstances:

What we do know

  • Makers will continue to make work no matter the circumstances.
  • Digital platforms will become an ever more important part of the art/performance ecology and economy.
  • Things will continue to change and any new viable agency models and structures will need to be flexible enough to be able to react to changes. 
  • The agency should develop in phases to be able to adapt to the actual (and changing) needs of all the stakeholders in our performing arts ecosystem. 

What we do not know

  • We don’t know about the formats and quality of future work. 
  • We don’t know whether makers or programmer would use a new platform/agency.
  • We don’t know for certain what the venue landscape will look like in the near future.

How can the agency cater to the new situation and/or even can become part of a solution

  • Support spontaneous making and sharing (bring new work to the market fast) 
  • Explore different types of venues and spaces (physical, digital, hybrid, blended…) 
  • Feature the concept of locality (small, but consistent “Amsterdam” network of makers)

What are your thoughts regarding the impact of Covid-19 on ways of making and selling work in the future? We appreciate your comments and/or sharing of observations from your work practice since the Corona outbreak.

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